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3 Keys For Your Financial Breakthrough!

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Many of us have natural understanding that we have learned concerning money management, yet we may have failed to grasp the revelation and spiritual principles of prosperity and increase. This can be the difference between just making it by and stepping into the overflow for you! Jesus said to those who have little - even what they have will be taken, and those who have much - even more will be given. (Matthew 25:40) He was not talking about natural things! He was simply saying that those who have faith, and the revelation of spiritual things, more will be given to them in the spirit and even in the natural! But, to those who have natural things but no spiritual substance to account for what they have, even what they have naturally will be taken! The bible says in hebrews 11 that Faith is the "evidence" (Title Deed) for what you have... in other words, it is the deed for eternal things! In the end of days - those without faith to substantiate any eternal gifts will lose anything they have gained in their earthly life and possibly even their soul! So knowledge, revelation and understanding of your prosperity spiritually will help you breakthrough into the promise. Let me share three keys to kingdom giving that may loosen up some of the places your money is stuck before the Lord!


Let giving become a natural part of your thinking when it comes to money. We naturally maintain a taking and getting mindset... this mindset in the spirit actually pushes money away from us, when we begin to look at money as a resource that is meant to flow from us we begin to put ourselves in the kingdom system, and position ourselves as a channel for God to now find whatever ways he can to get resources and money to us. "What flows through you will attract and determine what comes to you!" We limit ourselves when we miss these principles. When you understand that your tithe is the foundation of your kingdom involvement financially - it positions the kingdom to now back you up!


Whenever you see money or income, practice seeing it as a communication tool. Yes your money talks! What is your money saying? It speaks of where your priorities are and where your heart is. It says, " I belong to God, I support the kingdom, I am a seed, I have an assignment, There's more where I came from, I'm Pregnant" Your money is constantly talking every time you spend it, save it, hold it, or give it... So, what is your money saying - it will tell you a lot about where you are financially and spiritually!


I'm not that pastor that mandates people people tithe or give, however I highly encourage it because I know the importance of being aligned with the kingdom, and I have struggled financially most of my life... Not because I was a bad steward - but because I failed to recognize the principles and understand some of these things - & God is still teaching us! I see the struggle and need financially on many of you and would be amiss in not giving you what will help, a lot of the problem is not ability - but more so... simply having the knowledge to apply with your ability. In a lot of places we are avoiding the healthy pressure that God wants us to feel that pushes and challenges us into breakthrough, that pushes us into that business idea, or challenges us for that promotion or better job... nothing is motivation more that feeling stretched, sometimes God wants to take what you have to stretch you, because he knows you can contain more, wow - this is a hard thing to wrap our mind around, like, God wants to make us broke!? In some places yes, because it is the poverty test that comes before the prosperity test. Giving when you are low on resources not only says I trust God, but it challenges you to press in for more and reach for the overflow, rather than trying to maintain barely enough. Think about it, when you look at what you have and it does not seem to be enough - there are two mindsets to take... I can hold off on my giving this week to maintain the little that I have, or... I can give anyways and press in to the lord for what I need and more... The pressure will position you for the breakthrough that will push you over!

I declare this week that "Money comes from you and to you, In Jesus Name!"

P. Michael

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