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Even in your pain, its not about you

6 months since my father passed. Many people don’t check on you after a few months pass. They quickly forget people are still in pain.

Whelp, I seen an individual who was Grieving. She shared how her son died. She shared that this is the hardest death she had experienced after losing her parents. She found him dead and she remembers everything from the room to seeing that scene of her dead son.

She communicated how her friends are tired of her sharing. She has shut people out because she feel they do not understand. Her friends are insensitive & clueless about what to say to her.

As we went through her prominent emotions she furthermore, shared that her health has declined since the passing of her son.

As I listened tears dropped from my face, and I felt her pain. Why? I could identify with the scattered emotions and my health declined immediately after my father passing. I could identify with not wanting to hear the comments that added sorrow and insult at the same time.

To my people who are in grief take the time to get counsel. (it helps)

Go to professionals and trained individuals that specialize in this area. Join a support group if needed. (Whatever you are struggling with get support )

It is important to get up and out. If not u can possibly fall into depression and isolate.

Grief can disrupt your health it’s nothing you can control. I thought because I seeked counsel I should not have had symptoms internally with my body. I could not understand and there was nothing I could do.

However, self care is needed while grieving :such as full body massages , stretching, excercising, writing , counseling , painting , building or whatever relaxes you.

Many people experience being traumatized

From losing a loved one. Be gentle, kind, patient, and sensitive to these individuals.

Please be mindful to listen and speak less.

The individual proceeded to share, she said Ms Johnson I feel led to share with you If you will listen further.

I had a dream and I believe God was talking to me. My child was in this large beautiful banquet and he came to a door. He said Mama I love it up here. I can’t wait till you are here , your going to love it. She said she never seen something so beautiful. She asked, did I think she was crAzy and do I believe God speaks through dreams.

I shared with her God speaks through dreams and many other ways. You have to be willing to see he is speaking. He is always speaking.

She then proceeded to say. I saw a message on Facebook. And my son said, Ma Ill see you later sorry I had to run. She cried some more. She said I could not find that message again, she didn't know where to look. She said I know that was God again letting me know my son was speaking to me.

Then she said this, wait there's one more thing I need to tell you. I called his mental therapist I shared with her. She said your son knew God and talked about God often. She said I never knew that smiling. She says, I'm sad but happy my son is with the Lord

I said your Savior sent you 3 messages letting you know your loved one was okay. You were willing to recognize it was God. Let’s pray if you don’t mind (I asked ) 👈🏾

Ms j I just want you to know I'm in my 70s and It was blessing to meet you. It was blessing you Listened. I hope to see you again with tears in her eye but a smile on her face.

As I walked out I was grateful to hear her story. Even though I did not want to hear the pain she was suffering from it made me think of my experience.

Being compassionate and listening can go a long way. Everyone can use a listening ear whether they're grieving or not.

Nugget : Stop talking and advising just listen.

Nugget : if you work with populations get some training in several areas

Nugget : be respectful of those that are grieving. Fall back and know they need to rest.

Nugget : Boundaries there were times I had to tell people umm I’m not in the mood to hear your thoughts / memories of my father. I can’t handle it right now. Many respected my decision. a few family members who could not I had to raise my voice and be stern to let them know I meant what I said. Be blessed and have a better day.

Some may think this is rude. However, when your emotions are not stable it’s not healthy to take on anyone else’s grief or problems. Direct them else where and explain this is not a good time.


If your organization (staff or Clients ), ministry(Leaders or congregants ), family, or friends need help processing their emotions.

I am able to provide spiritual, mental, and emotional support for individuals. 🚨🚨

Inbox me and we can discuss details.

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Prophet Michael
Prophet Michael
Nov 07, 2023

Love this 🙏

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