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BreakOut Leadership School

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Welcome to all Leaders and Volunteers of The BreakOut Center & Church! Be blessed in Participating in this School during your time of leadership with the Ministry, God has given us the tremendous responsibility & privilege to serve our region locally and the Nations online with the unadulterated prophetic word! We don't take this lightly as we embrace the seriousness of the Call of God. This ministry has truly been sent and we have a mighty mandate and commission to fulfill. I pray you are blessed in joining this leadership and ministry family journey with us here at The BreakOut Center. OUR CORE VALUES As you come into any role with The BreakOut Center, understand that we are definitely a Prophetic & Apostolic Deliverance Ministry with a strong atmosphere that commands a level of Spiritual Maturity. Through the years there have been tests and trials as our leadership has evolved under the fire and shaking of kingdom things in our midst. The lord has made it clear to me that we are definitely no Church as usual. In respect to that - God has given me Three Core things that are vital to any thriving organism in the kingdom of God - and even the most endangered spirits that threaten the Church in todays Generation. 1.) THE SPIRIT OF SERVANTHOOD 2.) THE SPIRIT OF HONOR 3.) THE SPIRIT OF FAITHFULNESS

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BreakOut Discussion

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