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MORE in 2024!

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

Partner & Give your First Fruit Offering into 2024

New Year Giving Campaign Month

NEW IN 2024! Giving Campaign

2023 has been an amazing Year! Our ministry has met every goal projected over the last year only by the grace of God! From a brand new 120 seat 2500 square foot facility to expanded operations, doubled in our leadership and volunteers. God has been doing so much. We are still believing God to expand our outreach abroad, touching other states and nations with the word that he has given us. We are also continuing to project our property campaign, for the rockefeller properties in our area. We are stepping out in faith for the ownership of the 2.5 million dollar property for the kingdom! You can continue to help us grow into this vision by partnering, sowing a one time seed and giving your first fruit as the Lord leads in the close of this ministry year. Looking forward to what God is going to do in this 2024! PARTNER WITH BREAKOUT If you would like to partner with this ministry, or give into our mission to begin to help us meet this new year you can do so through becoming a partner, giving a Fist Fruit Offering, or sowing a one time seed today. (To partner, Make you gift a monthly donation on the paypal donation page) GIVE A FIRST FRUIT Proverbs 3:9 Honor the Lord from your wealth And from the first of all your produce "A first fruit is an expression of love and faith with the first of your increase at the beginning of the year as a decree over all of your increase in the year. It is a special blessing into the Lord and honor of the house of God outside of your tithe and offering. It is not mandatory, but an opportunity to decree an increase over you house for the year!" For families participating in the first fruit offering at the beginning of the year as a special blessing and expression of your love to the Lord and support of the ministry and the kingdom of God, there are three ways to participate & give. 1.) $2,024 Kingdom Seed 2.) $224 Faith Seed 3.) Spirit Led Seed

(Ask the Holy Spirit what he would have you give this year

on behalf of yourself and your family)

CASH APP $breakoutchurch

Venmo @breakoutcenter

Thank you to every partner, member and giver 🙏 we truly love you and. Would not be able to do this without you!!

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