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BSM Internship

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Welcome to the BreakOut School of Ministry Internship Program Blessings and congratulations on making it this far in our Program! If you have made it this far, it means that you are further interested in advancing in ministry and your journey to serve the lord in a greater capacity. This Internship is designed to get you connected, hands on and in the field of ministry as the Lord leads. During this Program, BSM will assess your progress on a few factors. THE THREE C'S 1.) Consistency 2.) Communication 3.) Commitment Ministry is serious business! As you have already learned in your first year... there is a Godward Part to Ministry, and a Manward Part. The manward part is where we take responsibility for what God has handed to us. This means that we become a witness and a representative of the Lord to Men in society! "A minister becomes a partner with the state as a representative of the Lord" This Program will lead you into our Ordination Process, to help build and give the tools for successful, safe, and sound ministry advancement. AS YOU ENROLL You will be set up with two things for the course 1.) Ministry Service (Volunteer Involvement in hands on Ministry) Details will be discussed in the program 2.) Monthly Consultations: Discussing your progress, growth and advancement through the year. I have designed this program to be built around your special interests and needs through the year! And am looking forward to continuing to connect! See you in Session! Prophet Michael

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BSM Internship Program, $25.00/month

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