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We began experiencing the signs of revival in our midst on Sunday July 2nd at 2:30pm as Gold Dust began to fall in our services and creative miracles began to break loose. A rotator cuff in a woman's arm was healed instantly, legs grew out, demons screamed out in deliverance, ulcers, back problems, cancer, and the like were healed in our service! People called in to the church reporting they found some gold dust in their clothes whilst returning home! It was clear that God was moving in a special way - the lord has moved on Prophet & Prophetess Tate & Prophet Michael to Keep the flood gates open and continue this move - if you are reading this, please bring the sick, oppressed and chronically ill this Sunday - you don't want to miss this outpouring! We are believing God to continue to meet us in such a way...

You can help by bringing your friends and family and letting someone know that there is currently a revival happening in Cleveland Ohio.

Don't miss us this Sunday!

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