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Financial Breakthrough IJN!

Updated: May 18, 2023

BreakOut Partners, Members, Leaders & Family

Make sure you are tithing from your increase! Receive from this foundation grace that the lord may increase you in due season.

If you are believing for financial breakthrough this season - sow a breaker seed, that the grace of breakthrough may visit you in this hour.

Below see the many ways to give into The BreakOut Center and Church

Lord I pray that you would increase and Multiply every one connected and connecting, let the same grace of increase and breakthrough come upon them even as you have begun to allow me to taste. Let all of our needs be met and exceeded according to your riches in Glory!! Let every ministering spirit be released to retrieve what belongs to us in Jesus Name, and do not return void!

We look to the Hills from where our help comes from. IJN!

*Prophet Michael & BreakOut Church

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