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Updated: Aug 2, 2019

OFF OF THE APPS, AND BACK TO THE PAGES! A few months ago, God moved on me to start fasting from my phone and social media. as a pastor and a business owner I did not know how that would be possible, lol. However I began to take a break from social media and my phone on Sunday nights. I found it so much easier to focus, I felt more present, and also felt more engaged with my kids. One Sunday I had to preach, and as I began to take notes and study on my phone - the holy spirit moved on me to put the phone down, grab my old leather Bible and just read the word! I can't explain how refreshing this felt, but I also noticed that there was an anxiety to not having a cell phone at my fingertips...

We have created this new campaign... The BYOB Sunday "Getting out of the apps and back into the pages of His word."

Join us this Sunday, we are meeting weekly at 2pm.

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